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If you are faced with marital problems in the Richmond, Virginia area, including Chesterfield County, Hanover County, Henrico County, or the City of Richmond, and have questions concerning your legal rights Richmond divorce lawyer James H. Wilson, Jr., will help you decide on the best course, including pursuing marital or family counselling, settling your disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution, preparing a separation agreement, or representing your interest in the event of a separation or a divorce or annulment proceeding. Richmond divorce attorney James H. Wilson, Jr., will discuss the equitable distribution process, including your rights in marital, separate and hybrid property; the grounds for divorce, both fault and no-fault; the grounds for annulment; the tax consequences of separation and divorce; the use of a divorce from bed and board; the best interests of your child or children with regard to custody, child support and visitation; temporary or permanent spousal support or alimony; and the effects of interstate family law disputes.

The goal of Richmond family law lawyer James H. Wilson, Jr., is to help you make informed decisions, serve your best interests in resolving your family law issues, and represent you to the fullest extent of the laws and ethics, while avoiding the unnecessary public exposure of private issues.

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